ARS MODEL 9900BW PRO Final edition Professional [MODEL9900BW PRO]

MODEL9900BW Music Mixer PRO Professional


MODEL9900BW (broadcast mixer) Music Mixer Wood TYPE
( Headphone Monitor Trim: Cue-Mix-Pgm special version)

Pro type (Built-in house XLR output transformer Installed model)
ARS MODEL 9900 DJ Mixer is a Japanese made,
6ch. rotary mixer with world's first 3band hybrid isoeq
Hi-eq Mid-eq Low -Iso on each channel.
The ARS 9900 is our Flagship Table top mixer.
This 6 channel High Quality Rotary DJ Mixer has a 3 band Isolator on the master.
Potentiometer and Switch are ALL ALPS .

A long time in the development phase this mixer is a beautiful example of Japanese hand made precision workmanship.
Highly recommended.

It is designed with purist ideals with only essential features.
ARS 9900 has 3 band hybrid iso-eq hi-eq mid-eq low-iso on each channel and 3band Iso on the master.
The Master Isolators can be boost of cut from +18db ~ -∞.
The Ch hi-eq mid-eq can boost or cut from +12db ~ -12db. LOW-ISO boost of cut from +6db ~ -∞.
Each channel has Post Fader Send. also Return and Effect Loop.

* Due to the Model-9900 is designed for a professional use, The body is no power switch to avoid accidentally power off while playing.
* Minimizing the power noise by designing the All circuit board and the power circuit board independently and setting them apart.

Frequency Response: +-1dB 20Hz-20Khz
Input: 3 x Phono : 47K Ohm / 9 x Line: 20K Ohm
Effect Loop: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 20K Ohm
Return: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 20K Ohm

House Output:RCA Unbalanced Impedance 1K Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 100 Ohm(Built-in house XLR output transformer Installed model)
Booth Output:RCA Unbalanced Impedance 1K Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 100 Ohm
Tape Output: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 1K Ohm

Effect Loop :RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm
Effect Return:RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm
Send Output: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm
Retrun: RCA Unbalanced Impedance 20K Ohm
Isolator Frequency Response:
3band hybrid isoeq 1-4Ch /Low-ISO /MID-EQ/HI-EQ
Master 3Band Iso: 10 – 300 Hz / 300 – 3000 Hz / 3000 – 20000Hz boost of cut from +18db ~ -∞.

Headphone Monitor Trim: Cue-Mix-Pgm
Power Consumption: 30w
Power Requirement: US-115V/EU-230V(Selectable) 50/60Hz
Dimensions: (W)460 x (H)280 x (D)100 mm
Front Panel Color: Black
Because of natural wood, the grain and color may differ from the photos. Please note
Spec Seat: Manufacturer site


  • VU Meter

    and house /CUE PGM switch
  • Head phone cue led
  • 外付け電源ボックス

販売価格: 650,000円(税込)


オプション9900ケース (任意):

販売価格: 650,000円(税込)